The Art Opportunity Center

The Art Opportunity Centers are a new idea for hiring artist and puhlic together, offering opportunities for both. It offers opportunities for recognition and sales for the artist and reeognition for the student and amateur, all in their respective categories. To the amateur it extends adviee, with demonstrations and other helps, such as practice group facilities. Those who cannot come in person are helped through the mails.

The public is given the unique opportunity of nominating from the current exhibitions those artists it wishes to see again. This can also he done by mail through fine art reproductions sent for that purpose. The Art Opportunity Centers are the idea of John Henry Weaver, their Director, and are sponsored by a National Committee of art lovers and amateurs, which includes Mr. George Gershwin, the composer. Dr. F. B. Robinson, President of tbe College of the City of New York, Mr. Oscar Wagner, Asst. Dean of the Juilliard Music Foundation, Dr. H. H. M. Lyle, past President of the New York Physicians’ Art Club, and others.

Centers are now in operation in New York at 321 W. 56th St. and in Brooklyn at 303 Washington St. It is expeeted to open similar Centers on a National scale in cooperation with oil painting reproductions China, and to exehange exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, etc. The Committee is a non-commercial body, and the Centers are operated on a non-profit basis in the in- terests of a wider puhlic appreciation of art and its place in daily life. A definite philosophy of art for life’s sake is at tbe heart of Center activities, and a tolerant, middle-of-the-road attitude is taken on art viewpoints and aims.