About Us


Mission Statement
Our Goal is to provide our clients the utmost pride in their product that they never before thought possible. We strive to reinvent the fantastic into the unbelievable. BSX22 Studios doesn’t want to change your product, we simply want to show how great it actually is to people. The talent of our artists span the gambit allowing for many genres to take shape. While we can handle a menagerie of projects dealing in custom artworks, wall art, art reproductions, pop art, canvas art, contemporary art and more, we primarily deal in handmade oil paintings. BSX22 Studios is always willing to listen to your needs and take on any challenge. Feel free to contact us for a quote on your project.

BSX22 Studios Paintings

The BSX22 Studios goal is to create paintings in a way not usually seen in most formats. We encourage
creator owned properties and look for ways to entertain the reader that is tired of the same old thing. That’s not saying there are not great paintings out there. There are tons of talented and amazing individuals. Many large art galleries tend to find something successful and put out more of the same until they have milked every aspect of that idea. We want the stories to have substance in the future and not just provide a shocking twist to see the next issue without care for that happens to the art in 6 months. We hope you enjoy our designs and ideas.