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For those fans of The Dungeon Comic, or those that have never checked it out, take a look at The Dungeon Documentary: The Comic Art to Making an Indie Epic Trailer.


The Dungeon Documentary: The Comic Art to Making an Indie Epic is an in-depth look into the life of artist Shawn Harbin and his comic book series The Dungeon Comic. For 6 years Shawn has been toiling away at creating and self-publishing this epic 9 issue mini series. A lot of people do that, but what makes this comic unique is not only is its grand scale of more than 500 pages, but he did all the work on his own. The comic itself is a mixture of genres including, mystery, fantasy, horror, action, and humor. Through much tragedy and loss, he’s had every reason to give up, yet continues working on the book. The Dungeon Documentary exposes the hardships and successes of working indie while trying to make a mainstream living. Part instructional, part human interest, and part inspirational anyone wanting to work in comics should see this film.

So you are probably thinking, “what will I get out of this flick?” The documentary interviews various individuals in the comic industry including Marvel Inker Jay Leisten(Death of Wolverine/Uncanny X-men) Artist Dawn Griffin (Zorfbert and Fred), Underground Comixxx Artist Jabaar L. Brown. Editors Enrica Jang from Red Stylo press (Shakespeare Shaken/Killer Queen) and Philip Hopkins (Brotherhood of the Dwarves) fetish model Miss V, Actress/Producer Dana Michael (Mancation/Flogging Margaret), Authors Sheryl Steines (She-Wulf/Day of the first Son) John Dawson Jackson (The Relics/The Rise and Fall of Empire: A Love Story) and Stephen J. Semones (Gloom) talk about what makes The Dungeon Comic great.  


The Brand New The Dungeon Comic Print: Fight Like a Girl!

Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and Hot Chicks on Bikes Oh My!

New John Dawson Jackson Book The Hunter: Before and Now out now!!!

Shawn Harbin has completed the 3nd book cover for John Dawson Jackson's newest Novel The Hunter: Before and After or more information check out the News section.



You wanna get...

The all new John Dawson Jackson T-Shirt click here for more details.

Brand new Director's Cut edition of "The Dungeon Comic" Issue 1 for more information click here. Three covers will be available including a blank sketch cover edition. More Directors Cut Versions to come of Issue 2 and 3 with brand new material.

Are you a fan of Shawn's art? We know you are, or else you wouldn't be here, right? Well A new anthology is out now based on work inspired by the great William Shakespeare. The anthology is a spectacular collection of artists and writers contributing several stories. Shawn was approached to be involved and jumped at the opportunity. It is an absolute fantastic book. You may order your copy or if you want, download the specific story to your own computer/ media device. Click here to check out Surviving Shakespeare, written by Mitch Hymen and Andrew Jerz, with art by Shawn Harbin himself, along with colors by Alex Cormack. This book not only looks awesome, but its just a great book.

For more information you may check out

Shawn Harbin to do John Dawson Jackson book cover!!!

Author John Dawson Jackson will be debuting his new novel The Relics at Fanboy Expo in October. Shawn contributed the cover illustration. Stop by Jackson's booth and pick it up. Its a great read from a really talented writer. Expect to see big things from him in the future.


If you are ever interested in an original art work or commission one of your own don't hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Zombies Are Here!!!

Are you a fan of Zombies? Who isn't? Don't miss out on your chance to pick up the The Dungeon Comic Super Zombie Spectacular. Click the image to get yours now!!!!! There are three covers. Cover A and B when put side by side make one giant image. Cover C is an Online Exclusive only. Check out the new online store for more new comics, back issues, and Posters!!!

Cover B Cover A

Cover C Online Exclusive.
Volume One collects issues 1-4 plus some exculsive content not available anywhere else. Volume Two collects Issue 5-7 Plus a never before printed story and more. This Collected Edition contains all the Zombie stories! If you love Zombies you will love this spectacular The Dungeon Comic Graphic Novel



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